Criminal Law

Drug Cases:

While possession of a small amount of marijuana can be a ticketable offense, most drug charges are felonies and result in (Jail Time) and substantial fines. If the drug possession or sale is within 1,500 feet of a school, church, public park, or a movie theater (or if The arrestee is in possession a firearm at the time of a drug arrest) the court may double the fine and the sentence. As a result of strict sentencing guidelines, drug convictions account for a significant part of the increase in Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) admissions over the past 10 years.

In addition to a long jail sentence, any felony conviction will make it difficult to get a job in the future. Even misdemeanor convictions for possession of a small amount of marijuana will be on your criminal record and can be viewed by prospective employers. If a student is convicted of a drug charge, he or she will not be able to obtain any government student aid, loans, or grants for one year for a FIRST-TIME conviction or two years for a second conviction